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Bank of Perry County

Debit Cards

How to get a Debit Card

We offer debit cards with all of our checking accounts.  To apply for a card, come see one of our tellers and they can help you with the application.  Before approval you are subject to a credit report by our debit card department.  

Protecting your Information

All of our debit cards come with purchase and withdrawal limits in place to protect our customers if their card information is stolen.  There is a daily Point of Sale limit of $1500 for every 24 hour period, a maximum of $300 can be withdrawn at an ATM, and if the card has been declined for any reason, up to three times in 24 hours, it is put on restriction and is unable to process any transactions until the hold is lifted. We also recommend that when you use your card and have the option to use it as credit to do so and only use your pin number at an ATM.  If you have a debit card and it becomes lost, stolen, or you suspect fraudulent activity has taken place on your account, please call the bank (during business hours) at 931-593-2265 or 1-800-554-8969 (24 hours/day, 7days/week).

Raising your Card Limits

It is possible to raise the limits we have in place for your debit cards.  All we ask is that you come in to the branch that is nearest you and sign for how high you want to raise your limits.  If you wish to remove the protections we have in place, our bank is not held liable for any losses that occur while the limits are raised for your debit card.  The limits are in place to protect you from any major losses that may occur.  

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